Q. Where do your rugs come from

A. Most of the rugs I source directly from suppliers in Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This is why I am able to offer them at an affordable price. There will be a random rugs here and there that I sourced from estate sales or antique rug dealers in the US. 

Q. What does 'refurbished' mean

Refurbished basically means revived! All of the rugs are washed, air dried in the sun, and Turkish rugs are "cropped" which means the top layer of the wool is lightly shaved off to reveal the design more vividly again. 

Q. What is the difference between Vintage and Antique?

Vintage refers to something 40-100-ish years old where as antique is over 100 years old. The Persian antique rugs, even though they are more worn, are worth more. 

Q. What color is that and why does it look different from photo to photo?

Ok, this one is a little difficult to explain - but to keep it simple, the rugs can look more cool and warm depending on the space, the colors of your floors, and the lighting. My advice to you is don't overthink it. If you love the rug in photos, you will most likely love it in person.

 Vintage rugs are also made in almost an "ombre" style - when they changed out the yarns as they were making the rug, the colors were never exact, meaning that the colors can vary throughout the rug. For instance some rugs with a pink base may turn more cool pink at one end and warm pink at the other end for example.  That is the beauty of these rugs - they are all so unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Q. What is the difference between the "Designer's Collection" and the regular collection rugs?

The Designer's Collection is our collection of more high end, fine quality antique and semi-antique rugs. The Collection got its name because these are the rugs that most Interior Designer's look for.

Because of this fine quality and desired designs, they are priced higher than the main collection rugs. Designs are more repetitive, knots are more intricate, most have a special antique wash, and the quality of wool used is softer than most of the rugs in the main collection. These will mostly all be Persian, however, there may be a few higher quality Persian style Turkish rugs in this collection from time to time.

Q. Do you offer in person appointments?

I will offer in person appointments upon request where the customer may see specific rugs of interest in person - either as an in-home trial or at my studio in South Minneapolis. Appointments require a $100 non-refundable fee. $100 can be applied to rug orders over $1000.  The fee may not be applied to any rugs under $1000. Travel fees may be applied for homes further than 30 mins from Excelsior, MN.

Q. How does Custom Sourcing work?

Custom sourcing is seriously the way to go! Let me find your dream rug for you and get you off the internet spending hours of time trying to find the right one! If you're looking for something specific, chances are one of my suppliers has it. To custom source, (for non-interior designers) I require a $100 fee to get started. I offer complimentary custom sourcing for professional interior designers. Contact me for more details of how this works. Custom sourced rugs are final sale.

Q. Do you offer trade discount for Interior Designers?

If you are a PROFESSIONAL interior designer, I offer a tiered discount on 2 or more rugs, or complimentary custom sourcing. I keep my pricing lower than most rug stores so the general public can purchase at a more affordable price, but designers who are purchasing for clients or their own stock I can offer a deal. Just contact me to apply to be a part of the program!