Rectangular Rugs

Are you interested in buying a vintage rectangular rug for your home?

Rectangular rugs are always popular for their versatility in covering large or small spaces, creating comfortable areas to rest your feet, and enhancing home design. A distressed rectangular rug can work beautifully in your dining room, bedroom, home office, or anywhere else in your home.

At Curio Rugs, our rectangular designer rugs are woven by hand in Turkey and Pakistan, following the traditional motifs of Persian rugs. Our rectangular vintage rugs are renowned for their exquisite beauty, unparalleled quality, and rich cultural heritage. Have a look at our wide selection of rectangular rugs today; you will surely find something special and spectacular for your home.

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Rectangular rugs have the great ability to define and anchor a space. They can also help to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making rooms more inviting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Our vintage distressed rectangular rugs have a unique and rustic quality that can add character to any room, whether you like a traditional or modern style. Contact Curio Rugs today to learn more about our rectangular rug inventory!

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