Mini Rugs

Are you interested in buying a mini rug for your home?

A mini designer rug allows you to cover up small patches of hard floor as elegantly as possible. Unlike most designer rugs, mini rugs can fit into smaller areas, such as bathrooms and narrow entryways, allowing for practically endless decoration possibilities.

At Curio Rugs, we carry a large inventory of designer rugs which are custom-made in Turkey and Pakistan. Our mini rugs are hand-woven with gorgeous designs that are rooted in centuries of rug making tradition. Look through our selection of rugs to find a mini rug (or maybe several) that will help to beautify your home.

Do You Want to Add Vintage Mini Rugs to Your Home?

Whether you want to use it to cover a roughed up patch of kitchen floor or provide a comfy footrest in your bathroom, mini rugs are as versatile as they are beautiful. Our immense inventory of designer rugs is sure to include minis that will perfectly match the style of your home. Connect with Curio Rugs today if you'd like to purchase one of our mini rugs or ask us more about our selection!

Mini Rugs For Sale: