Trend Watch: Color!

Trend Watch: Color!

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Since we opened Curio Rugs in 2020, we've barely been able to keep our neutral pieces in stock. Everyone has been loving the oatmeal and camel shades, or the taupes and muted accent colors. But we're seeing a rising interest in our brighter toned rugs, and we are so happy about it!

In our last trend watch post, we shared all the ways we were seeing florals popping up. Scroll through that post and you'll see floral-studded linens, wallpapers, rugs, and curtains -- and they're full of rich and beautiful colors.

Here's how some of our favorite designers are styling color right now, followed by our picks for vibrant rugs, rich in color and charm:  

We're loving the bold pairing of this bright wallpaper and chair with a colorful but relatively muted rug. Colors and patterns don't have to "go together," they just need to be in conversation with each other -- and the selections above are making such a statement.

Designer Ann McDonald captioned this photo on Instagram saying, "Visual warmth - a theme I’ll never tire of." And same! The colors in this kitchen add warmth and personality, and the rug makes it so atmospheric.

Design: @anne_mcdonald_design
Photo: @canarygrey
Build: @mcdonaldremodeling

Because we can't help ourselves, we found a runner we have in stock that could give the same rich vibes as the one above.

This runner is so pretty and extra soft. It would look magical in a kitchen.

If a cuter chaise exists, we've never seen it. We love a deep furniture color like this, and look how it makes the wallpaper pop. It's stunning.

Design: @kismet_house


We adore how the warm tones brighten up this moody charcoal room, which could easily make a room feel cold!

Design: @hamiltongraystudio

Photo: @erinlittlephoto via @archdigest


This rug has a similar ripe watermelon field to the rug in the charcoal room (and she's on sale). She'd look beautiful in a foyer or hearth room.

Rug: No. 5-380 | 9'4 x 5'5

If you're looking to dip into the vibrant color trend, here are our picks for rugs we have in stock:


The natural distress that comes with a 70-year-old rug is the best. You'll see machine-made rugs try to evoke this wear-and-tear but it's never as perfect as a good vintage rug. We can't believe this gal is still in stock!

Rug: No. E628 | 8'2 x 4'10


This one's a good choice if you just want to dip your toe into color, as it has a calmer but still vibrant color palette In person, she gives off hints of dusty pink and sage with all that navy and taupe!

Rug: No.7-498 | 10'6 x 6'5


Here's another perfectly distressed rug! It just adds so much character, and it looks gorgeous with this rug's floral motifs and stunning (and uncommon) burgundy tones.

Rug: No. 5-467 | 9'2 x 3'2

There are so many ways to bring some color into your home. If you want help finding a handmade vintage rug that's perfect for your space, we're always happy to chat!

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