Oho Interiors Design Inspo + Vintage Rug Picks

Oho Interiors Design Inspo + Vintage Rug Picks

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If you've been following us for a while, you'll know how much we love a good kitchen and runner pairing. They are the perfect duo, and one of our favorite stylings that we see interior designers do.

Due to the general shape of kitchens, and the long narrow dimensions of runners, they just make sense together spatially. 

This photo above from Oho Interiors' Instagram feed is a beautiful example of why we love this pairing so much. There's no better fit in our opinion! 

Below, we dug up seven runners of varying sizes and styles that we know would look spectacular in a kitchen.

(Side note: If the idea of a nice rug in your kitchen worries you, check out this post about why handmade vintage rugs are actually the best choice for a high-traffic spot like a kitchen.)

Option 1: Mid-Century Modern Tones

No. R-2013 | 9'10 x 3'4

This rug's colors give off mid-century modern vibes, and they are dark enough that you don't need to panic if you drop some pasta sauce or a cup of coffee on it!

Option 2: Wide, Elegant Runner

Designer's W-1910 | 10' x 5'3

This runner is a good option for a more spacious kitchen. It adds so much character and personality to an otherwise undecorated space (the floor).

Option 3: Warm Malayer

Designer's R-2011 | 10'11 x 4'11

The details on this gal are so beautiful! Brick red and cranberry tones will warm up any kitchen, while also adding an element of sophistication. 

Option 4: Playful Oushak



No. O-1030 | 5'10 x 2'6

For a less traditional rug, we've got this cute little Oushak. The vibrant colors and playful pattern are super unique, not to mention extremely fun!

Option 5: Long Malayer

Designer's R-780 | 10'11 x 2'9

This is the longest of the runners we've selected, clocking in at just under 11 feet. It also prominently features this year's hottest rug color: blue!

Option 6: Big Red

No. R-872 | 10'1 x 3'2

This is a very common design we see in kitchens. With the three big medallions running down the center and a border around the whole rug, it's a classic design that just looks so great in a kitchen.

Option 7:  Denim Edit

Designer's R-780 | 10'11 x 2'9

Here's that popular blue again! This gal with her perfect distress and gorgeous colors (denim, taupe, brown/olive, cranberry, terracotta, and gray) would look so stunning in a kitchen. And with all the different colors, she'd fit with just about any decor.

If you are considering putting a runner in your kitchen, just be sure to measure the space before you purchase anything. For the best fit, the runner should lie in the middle of the floor and there should be space on all sides of it. If you have questions or would like to see any of our rugs in person, reach out to us!

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