Trend Watch: Cool Blue Tones!

Trend Watch: Cool Blue Tones!

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Neutral tones will always be a hit when it comes to handmade vintage rugs, but one color we have seen flying out of our showroom (and people going crazy for on Instagram) is blue! It's been the most popular rug color we've sold in 2023, and we can totally see why.

Blue can take on so many different vibes. It can be light and airy, adding a hint of elegance to a space. It can be bold and boho, which is a ton of fun and makes for a great conversation piece. And it can be just about anything in between!

Here are some of the prettiest blues we've got in stock, plus some inspo from designers so you can get an idea of why this cool tone is so hot right now.

Designer's N-2030 | 6'8 x 4'3

One of the best color combinations for a rug is icy blue contrasted with warm tones like oatmeal, camel, and espresso, and this 100-year-old has got it all. It also has the perfect distress, which adds to the overall blue hue.

Designer's V-1996 | 10'7 x 7'7

This one also has a mix of icy and warm with its light cornflower blue and oatmeal tones. Here's a close-up of the beautiful color combo:

And, for a video of the rug, follow this link.

No. G-1894 | 8'5 x 5'

This pretty gal is so unique and fun. The floral motifs come in terracotta and beige and are accented by emerald and black, which, in combination with blue, is something we don't see often. This rug would look great in a children's bedroom or nursery, or under a coffee table in a bold, cozy living room.

Everyone went nuts for this beauty on Instagram! And somehow, she's still available. She's a rare Persian Senneh (you can tell she's Persian because those details are so intricate!) from the 40s, and mixed in with her blue vibe are blood red, cranberry, smokey green, espresso, and taupe. 
Here's another intricate Persian rug. It's nearly 100 years old, which just goes to show that blue is a timeless color that has always been in style, and will likely remain for generations to come.

Now that you've seen all these gorgeous blue rugs, let's take a look at some nice ways to style them.

This winter scene is an absolute dream. The cool blue rug (which she got from us!) complements the frosty white decor perfectly. 
But blue can also have a warming effect when paired right. Here's a design by Jamb London that is so cozy and warm, and features a rug with a bright blue border.
And below, from Yond Interiors, is a blue-forward bedroom that's about as cozy and inviting as it gets.
There is so much you can do with blue, and we are so happy to see it's been this popular in 2023. If you've got a pretty blue room or rug, please share it with us on Instagram! We are always so inspired by your designs.

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