Trend Watch: Florals

Trend Watch: Florals

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Florals are having a moment right now! We're seeing them all over the home, and we have a feeling this is only the beginning.

You don't have to love florals -- or even colors -- to hop on this design trend. And the best part about it? We've seen it before, meaning we'll see it again, so you can hang onto your floral pieces if you get bored with them, knowing they'll be back en vogue someday.

From vintage rugs to linens, here are some of our favorite ways to play with florals in the home right now:


Quilts and pillowcases, tablecloths and throws -- these are all simple ways to dip your toes into the floral trend. You don't have to go all out; you can just start with a pillowcase or a tablecloth to pull out on special occasions. As with any trend, starting simple is key to figuring out how it fits within your home. 

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You've got to really love florals to hang them up over your windows, but look how nice they can look! Don't be afraid to mix patterns, too. Just try to connect your pieces with a theme, such as color or vibe. 

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For a bold splash of floral in your home, consider covering a small wall with wallpaper. It's easy to go overboard with wallpaper, but if loud patterns and colors are your thing, this is an incredibly fun way to showcase your style.

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Like a lot of pieces in the home, floral rugs are slowly making a comeback. We're seeing them pop up on our favorite designers' pages, and we've got a handful of select floral pieces from the 60s in our studio that catch our eye whenever we walk past them.

If the idea of blanketing your floor with a big floral rug freaks you out, start small. You can begin with something more muted and neutral, like a jute or sisal rug, then top it off with a charming little floral piece. Layering is also big right now!

Via Curio Rugs | Geranium

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For more floral rugs, here's a video of our garden collection.


We're also seeing floral patterns making a comeback in clothing and art pieces, and we have a feeling this trend isn't going away anytime soon.

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