Six Vintage Rugs for Children’s Bedrooms

Six Vintage Rugs for Children’s Bedrooms

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You may think it sounds contradictory to put a handmade vintage rug in a children’s bedroom or playroom for fear that they’ll ruin it. But the opposite is actually true. Handmade vintage rugs are made with such high-quality materials that they are actually more fit for a children’s play space than a machine-made rug would be. Take it from us – those hard-backed rugs made with synthetic materials are a pain to clean. And not only that, but with the wear and tear kids provide any floor space, they actually need to be disposed of after only a few years’ use.

Handmade rugs must withstand the strenuous creation process, which includes knotting, pulling, and weaving. Natural fibers like wool and cotton, which most handmade vintage rugs are comprised of, can stand up to this process, meaning they can stand up to your kids’ play, too. These fibers also wick away dirt and stains naturally, so stains shouldn’t be a fear for children’s rooms (these rugs are also easy to clean – just give them a bath and let them airdry outside!)

As you can see in the bedroom designed by Proem Studio below, a vintage rug works wonders in a children's bedroom. (And because we love to match designers' rug selections with our own, we chose this 60-year-old Turkish Oushak to pair with this inspo).

The Details:
Design: Proem Studio
Photo: Dan Arnold

Curio Rug Match: No. 5-296 | 10'3 x 6'6

We took the guess-work out for you and dug up six vintage rugs that would be perfect for a children's bedroom or playroom:

This Turkish Oushak is so fun and playful! What's great about a rug that has such a rich and varied colors is that the inevitable spill will be camouflaged by the print. (Visit this blog post for tips on cleaning a homemade vintage rug).
The Details:
Rug: No. 6-468
Size: 7'4 x 4'
The floral details on this rug are so delicate and lovely, and they'd be a great accent to a nursery. And don't forget that it's perfectly okay to layer rugs. If your home already has carpet, no big deal! Just layer the rug on top for an extra plush, extra stylish children's space.
The Details:
Rug: No. 6-403
Size: 8'1 x 4'6
This 80-year-old neutral-toned gal would blend in well with just about any aesthetic in a kids' bedroom or play space. 
The Details:
Rug: No. 3-451
Size: 10'x1 x 6'11
This little rug is so cute. Consider laying this atop carpet or another rug, creating a sweet little space for a small table, or even next to a bed for a child to step onto as she starts her day.
The Details:
Rug: Marigold
Size: 6'3 x 3'2
(If you love this rug, here's a similar style with brighter colors).
This big beauty will add interest and intrigue to any children's room or bedroom. With warm colors and a beautiful pattern, this is a perfect gender-neutral rug to fill a large space.
The Details:
Size: 11'10 x 8'6
This rug has some gorgeous hints of denim, olive, and terracotta, which lean masculine but are appropriate for any room in the house. She's a big one, so she'll cover lots of ground!
The Details:
Size: 13'2 x 8'4
Up the aesthetics of the children's bedrooms and playrooms in your home by adding a handmade vintage rug. The combination of colors and textures, fun and fancy, make for a stunning space.

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