Origin Feature: Persian Tabriz

Origin Feature: Persian Tabriz

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Persian Tabriz rugs hail from the northwestern region of Iran, Tabriz, which is one of the oldest weaving centers in the world. In fact, the first rugs came out of Tabriz starting in the 12th century!

With a very high knot density (how many knots per square inch), Tabriz rugs often feature incredibly intricate designs, such as medallions, florals, foliage, fruits, and even fish, and are often contained by an ornate border.

Given the hand-knotted nature of these art pieces, they are in a higher price range than other handmade vintage rugs, such as a Turkish Oushak. Despite the price, these are one of our favorite origins to source because the construction is known to be one of the best and longest lasting types of rug in existence. You truly cannot find a rug with more structural integrity -- or more beauty!

Here's a look at some Persian Tabriz rugs we've sourced recently:

Designer's V-719 | 10'2 x 7'1

A Persian Tabriz from the 1940s with a typical ornate border and some beautiful, punchy colors! The rug runs blue, beige, sage, and taupe for the lighter tones and is accented with terracotta, rust, and watermelon.


Designer's O-8021 | 6'7 x 4'5

These designs are as intricate as something you'd see in a Renaissance painting. It's astonishing that weavers can create designs like this, all with knots! This rug has so many amazing colors: dark brown, sage, olive, terracotta, pumpkin, gray, and khaki.


Designer's C-738 | 12'6 x 9'3

Here's another Persian Tabriz from the 1940s. The field is navy and a cool slate blue, and embellishments are camel, beige, black, and more dusty gray/blue. Up close, the beige sometimes reads slightly mauve. The intricacies of the colors are almost as mind-blowing as the details themselves.  

 Designer's 172 | 12'10 x 3'1

This runner is iconic. It's a Persian Tabriz from the 1950s that runs a green/gray color, but in some lighting, the field leans blueish. The details are a mix of peachy/dusty pink, taupe, and gray.

Designer's B-696 | 15'2 x 10'7 

From afar this blue beauty looks quite minimal, but up close you can see faint olive and brown designs throughout the entire piece. This is one of our favorite rugs if you're going for that classic Light and Dwell or Amber Interiors vibe!

Designer's B-689 | 11'10 x 9'3

Here's another Tabriz that appears quite neutral, but up close is very detailed. The colors are ivory, oatmeal, light brown, and taupe. She's stunning!

If you're loving looking through these, you can view our whole collection of Tabriz rugs here!

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