Colorful Rugs to Spice Up Your Living Space

Colorful Rugs to Spice Up Your Living Space

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While our muted rugs have consistently been bestsellers, we are absolutely loving the bright, colorful vintage rugs we’ve been bringing in lately, and we think you’ll love them, too.

If bold prints and bright colors intimidate you, check out the Schumacher and Studio Ashby Instagram feeds. They both go wild with all things bright, and you can gain a ton of inspiration by scrolling for a minute.

Whether you choose a small rug to add some depth under a coffee table, a runner to brighten up your kitchen, or a sprawling rug for your bedroom, these colorful, one-of-a-kind pieces will spice up any room in your house – and totally disrupt our neutral-toned Instagram feeds! 

Home Office

This little buddy is amazing! She’s got all sorts of reddish tones, like ruby, cherry, and crimson, all of which are accentuated with warm ivory and beige flourishes. The navy and brown stabilize the pops of color, and all the colors work together to make up this unique piece. We especially love the floral motifs throughout.

We could see this rug in a home office or under a small table, like this perfect game table! Here's another little one that would do wonders for a home office.


R-933 | 13'4 x 2'10

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a hundred times more: runners are perfect in kitchens! How fun would it be to brighten up your kitchen by adding a colorful runner like this one?

Here’s a kitchen designed by Shauna Walton Design with a very unique runner that adds so much character to that space. Also check out this deVOL Kitchens design and this Mel Bean Interiors design choice.

Another colorful runner to check out is this one! And if you’re feeling extra bold, you can even place two rugs in your kitchen like this design.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! Creativity is essential when wanting to spice up your space.

Dining Room

No. 8-215 | 12' x 7'8 

How gorgeous would this big beauty be under a wooden farm table in a dining room? And don’t worry about food spills – handmade vintage rugs like these are famously easy to clean, as opposed to their modern-day machine-made counterparts. (Check out our post on how to clean a vintage rug here.)

If you need some design inspo for your dining room, take a look at this Gideon Mendelson design and this Heidi Caillier design.


No. W-840 | 7'8 x 4'8

Greet your guests with a pop of color by placing a vintage rug in your foyer! Look how breathtaking this design by Carrie Delany Interiors is. You can achieve the same vibe with your own bright and bold rug. 

Here are two more rug choices for a foyer.

Living Room

No. V-847 | 10'6 x 7'5

We’re dying to see this rug placed in a living room! Who needs art when you can showcase a rug like this one?

If you’re unsure about mixing patterns and playing with colors in your main living space, take a look at this spectacular living room, designed by Anna Eleri. The warmth and fun in this design make the space so inviting!

Kid's Room

No. O-799 | 3'11 x 2'11

Tell us this isn’t the cutest rug you could ever place in a little girl’s room? 

If the floral print is a little too much for you, here’s a much more neutral kid’s room rug placement, and here’s the rug that could achieve a similar effect.

Bringing some bright bold character to your home is as easy as picking out a colorful rug and putting it on display! As always, if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Instagram is the best way to reach us!


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