Five Ways to Style a Handmade Vintage Runner

Five Ways to Style a Handmade Vintage Runner

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It seems like every time we take a scroll through Instagram, we see an interior designer's perfectly placed vintage runner. It inspires us every time because each designer's look is something completely different, and you can style a runner in so many places in the house, including the kitchen, a hallway, and yes -- even a bathroom!

Here are five ways to style a handmade vintage runner, inspired by five interior designers' styles:


Hallways are typically long and narrow, and nothing fits in a space like that quite like a runner. The hallway below is a great example of how much personality a rug can add to an otherwise simple space.
Design by @katie.leclercq
Photo by @aaronleitz
This runner is a pretty good match for the distressed hallway rug above, with the lighter border and blue-toned field.


Runners and kitchens are like peanut butter and jelly: they absolutely belong together. Area rugs aren't a good fit in a kitchen because of the way the space is typically laid out. Below, you'll see this kitchen makes use of a short, wide runner to fill the space.

This rug complements the kitchen in a way that only a handmade vintage rug could! We love how Rebecca and Genevieve went for colors outside of what's already in the kitchen (i.e. the green cabinetry). It's such a beautiful play on colors! 
This rug has similar colors with a completely different design:
Here's a longer rug that we think would look great in a kitchen like this.


This mud room is what dreams are made of. The pattern on pattern combo of the tile floor and vintage rug are spot-on. As you can see, a runner can be short. (Some of our minis are about this size, so if you're looking for this style but don't have a runner budget, check these out.)
Here's a really playful runner that's on the shorter side and would be so fun in a mudroom like this.
And here's a darker one that's around the same size if you're looking for a more moody mudroom look.


A spacious bathroom like this could use a wide runner or a smaller area rug. We love how Blanc Marine Interieures designed this stunner of a bathroom.
We found a rug that would fit perfectly in a space like this:
When it comes to styling a handmade vintage runner in your home, there really are no rules. Just have fun, don't be afraid to play with patterns and color combos, and don't worry about ruining your precious rug. These things are resilient! (Read this post on how to clean vintage rugs if you're wondering how to take care of them.)
If you want to find a runner for a spot in your home and you have some questions, reach out to us any time! We're always happy to help people find the perfect rug.

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