Call It Christian Design Inspo + Vintage Rug Picks

Call It Christian Design Inspo + Vintage Rug Picks

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Photos via Call it Christian

The only thing we love more than tearing open our new arrivals is seeing our rugs in your spaces.

In the photos above, designer Anna Christian of Call it Christian staged our rug in this gorgeous design, and we can't stop looking at it. Not only is her design so classically unique (we particularly love her use of both black and white in this neutral-toned room), but we are in love with how she layered our rug on top of another more neutral rug.

The rug we supplied her with is a Persian Mahal, which typically features intricate designs tied with asymmetrical Persian knots. Because the designs are quite nuanced, there is typically a higher knot count per square inch in a Persian rug like this in comparison to a Turkish rug. What's extra special about these rugs is that the wool is often hand-died with vegetables, which gives them their vibrant colors.

 Designer's V-684 | 9'8 x 6'8 | $3,750.00

The rug in the staging is available for purchase if you're loving it as much as we are! She measures 9'8 x 6'8 and her colors run rust, taupe, terracotta, and denim. 

Since we know this one won't be in stock long, we dug up a few other Mahals that would look just as show-stopping in a home as the Call it Christian staging above.

This runner is simply majestic. It's an 80-year-old Mahal with shades of denim, taupe, olive, and varying browns.

You can really see the intricacies of design in this rug. The contrast in colors and the combination of hard lines and soft curves makes this rug so unique and lovely. She's also nearly 100 years old! Just swap out the rug in the Call it Christian design and replace it with this one, and you have a stunning, colorful addition to a classic and neutral-toned living space.


Designer's 1-481 | 12' x 8'6 | $5,350

We love how this rug's color scheme is predominantly a cool blue, but is warmed up with notes of mushroom, taupe, and brown. It's show-stopping in person and would make a huge statement in just about any room in the house.

Designer's V-715 | 10'4 x 6'10 | $3,250

Speaking of warm tones, this 80-year-old gal is just about as warm as it gets, with camel, chocolate brown, olive, and khaki with subtle dusty blue and blue-green flourishes. 

If you need some inspiration for how to style a handmade vintage rug, be sure to follow Call it Christian. She's so great at pairing strong neutrals while also finding a way to add a spark of creativity and intrigue.

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