Our 22 Favorite Rugs We Sold in 2022

Our 22 Favorite Rugs We Sold in 2022

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We spent 2022 selling rugs, helping designers find the perfect piece for their clients, and getting to know our growing roster of rug-loving customers. We also said goodbye to so many beautiful rugs! It's impossible to chose favorites, but to honor the lovely gals that passed through our hands into the hands of their new homes, we've rounded up 22 of the most memorable rugs we sold this year:

Designer's 1-530 | 11'5 x 3'1.5

She's so pretty! You can't go wrong with denim blue, and her taupe and olive tones are such a nice contrast to the deep blues.

Designer's 635 | 12’7 x 9’10

This heavy-duty rug is a Persian Tabriz from the 1940s. The combination of its intricate floral motifs and subtle beige coloration makes it super unique.

Designer's 2-521 | 7'6 x 3'9

What's not to love about this Persian Bidjar? She's perfection.

Designer's 3-483 | 7'4x5'6

This girl is so soft! She's a Persian Malayer and her colors are so vibrant and beautiful. We love those very uncommon pops of teal!

Designer's 103 Runner | 12'7 x 3'1

This runner is a work of art! The colors, the bird and floral motifs, the size -- she is everything.

Designer's 566 | 13'2 x 10'2

This is a 100-year old rug that we just cannot get over. She has such gorgeous coloration, and we're obsessed with the cypress tree motifs throughout.


1 Designers z568 | 11'8 x 9

The floral details on this rug are jaw-dropping. We love the color palette, too. She's a 90-100-year-old Persian Herke, and we love her!

Designer's 492 | 11'5 x 7'9

This Persian Herke must have been made for royalty. It is so elegant and intricate! And she's 90 years old.

Designer's 6-403 | 10'7 x 7

Have you ever seen something like this? The details are absolutely incredible, and the colors are so lovely and vibrant. We cannot get over this one!

Designer's A596 | 6'5 x 4'2

This little gal is 90 years old! Her colors are stunning, with pops of sage and cinnamon against a more neutral-toned field.

Designers 303 | 13’6 x 8’11

Buyers are loving neutral toned rugs like this one, with its delicate oatmeal and olive tones. Such an elegant rug!

With the rare combination of periwinkle, dark brown, and black, this 70-year-old Persian Mahal, is just perfect.

Designer's 107 | 11'6 x 8'8

This Turkish Sivas is an absolute beauty -- and a big one, too!
Have you ever seen details like these? It's so unique! The base is a gorgeous navy, and the details are ruby, cranberry, olive, khaki, and even some black.

This girl is so luxurious! She has such vibrant colors -- rust, denim, brick red, dark brown -- and, though she's a low-pile, she's extremely soft.  

Hazel | 7'3 x 4'2

Hazel! We miss her. She's a 50-year-old Turkish Oushak with the most spectacular coloration. 

Look at this gal! These olive and sage tones and extremely intricate patterns were hard to let go of, but we know she found a good home. 

No. 2-523 | 4'5 x 2'2

This little rug is so charming, with its seafoam and watermelon tones and small geometric patterns!

Designer's 297 | 12'x8'10

An 80-year-old Oushak with a coloration and design that we just know we won't see again!

Designer's 182 | 6'7 x 4'11 

This is a perfect Malayer with robust colors and its unique geometric motifs. We love the little pops of rust and pumpkin in it! 

Lilian | 5'1x3'5

The colors of this Persian beauty are incredible. Look at those pops of tangerine and melon!

We love the delicate colors and flourishes on this 60-year-old Oushak. Simple details like these can be just as lovely as the more ornate ones!


It was hard to choose our favorites, as we love every rug that passes through Curio. But these are 22 highlights of 2022!   


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