Light and Dwell Inspo + Vintage Rug Pairings

Light and Dwell Inspo + Vintage Rug Pairings

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We're huge fans of designers Light and Dwell. Their designs are so casual and laid back, yet they look super high-end. Here's a design they shared on Insta:

Photo by Chris Mottalini


See how cozy the space is while simultaneously being elegant and approachable? We just can't get enough of their looks.

To help achieve your own homey look like Light and Dwell's designs, we rounded up a handful of Persian rugs we think would achieve the elevated laid-back look these gals are so good at. 

Side-note: If you're not sure the difference between Persian and Turkish rugs, check out our latest post.

Designer's 670 | 14'x1 x 9'10 | Persian Mahal c. 1900

This is truly one of the most amazing rugs we've ever carried. First, she's 120 years old and she'll probably last several more decades. The center of the rug is a very dark charcoal and the border is ombre tones of brick red, strawberry red, rusty orange, gray, sage, and olive. These moody colors make the rug appear to be straight out of Light and Dwell's Insta feed.


Designer's D-851 | 12'5 x 9'2 | Persian Mahal c. 1940
Here's another Persian Mahal that we think could have been pulled right out of one of Light and Dwell's designs. It's got a muted camel field with espresso brown and dusty blue details. The rug has an overall gray hue to it, which is just about the easiest color to work with when it comes to designing your space.  


 Designer's F-844 | 11'10 x 8'8 | Persian Tabriz c. 1940

The subtle floral motifs on this Persian Tabriz are so beautiful, and the colors just pop. The field is a blue/green and the details are camel, beige, and khaki. It's giving us living room vibes like this one.

Designer's 789 | 13'4 x 9'7 | Persian Sereben c. 1940

This huge gal is so pretty. The details are so intricate, which is only achievable with a high knot count typical in Persian rugs. Here's a look at those details:

Her colors are a light chocolate brown, denim blue, dark brown, and taupe -- a perfect backdrop to a Light and Dwell-inspired design.

For an effortless but high-end look, any of these Persian rugs would help you achieve that unparalleled Light and Dwell style. 



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