Interior Design Inspo + Rug Matches

Interior Design Inspo + Rug Matches

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To remain on top of vintage rug and interior design trends, we follow designers from all over the world, gathering inspiration from each of them for different reasons. We love how boldly designers will pair patterns, layer rugs, and use textures to create balance. Their creativity continuously inspires us.

A nod to a few of our favorite designers, we dug up some images from their stunning projects and matched our vintage rugs to their hand-picked pieces.

Note how some rugs have similar motifs, others have similar color patterns, but none of them are perfect matches. When selecting a rug based on inspo, what you should be looking for is an overall vibe, not specific details, as vintage rugs are all one-of-a-kind!




The watermelon runner is a perfect contrast to the emerald cabinets so we had to preserve that color as we searched for a good vintage rug match. We found this runner with a slight faded watermelon field, similar medallions in the center, and a rich charcoal border. She is gorgeous.

The Details: 

Design: Jaclyn Peters Design

Photo: Ariana Tennyson

Curio Rug Match: No. 5-375




For this match we chose a 60-year-old Turkish oushak with a similar camel field with denim and charcoal details and denim framing. Her floral details are incredible. 

The Details: 

Design: Kate Abt Design

Curio Rug Match: No. 6-404




For two contrasting vibes that both hit on the look of this kitchen runner, we've selected the Designer's 138 (top) and Designer's 128 (bottom) vintage rugs. The Designer's 138 is a 70-year-old Malayer with darker tones of espresso, denim, black, and a dusting of ivory. For a brighter look, we chose this stunning 80-year-old Bjar, with notes of blush, mustard, and warm tan. 


The Details: 

Design: Lauren Bradshaw Design

Photo: Joseph Bradshaw

Curio Rug Match: Top: Designer's 138 | Bottom: Designer's 128



To accommodate a king-sized bed, we selected this 12'x8' Persian beauty. She's got a perfect smoky gray/green field with mint flourishes, and a subtle border to frame her up.

The Details:

Design: Jaclyn Peters Design

Photo: Ariana Tennyson

Curio Rug Match: Designer's 474


If you're searching for a vintage rug, our best advice is to be open-minded. It's good to know what you want, but some of the best finds don't fit in a box; you'd never stumble upon some of these beauties while searching for specifics!

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