How to Style a Vintage Rug in a Bathroom

How to Style a Vintage Rug in a Bathroom

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We are seeing vintage rugs pop up in designers' bathrooms and powder rooms more and more these days, and we are absolutely loving it! 

A bathroom may not be the first place you think to place a nice, handmade rug, but read on. We've pulled together some of our favorite bathroom rug stylings so you can collect a little inspo for your own bathroom projects -- plus, we've paired these designs with our own vintage rugs (all of which are still available at the time of publishing) so you can get started designing.

The Geometric Mini

Design: Park & Oak
This powder room designed by Park & Oak is a beautiful example of how creative you can get with a bathroom. Would you ever think to put a vase of tulips on your sink? Maybe not. But now don't you want to try? We also love that stool on top of the mini rug. Creative doesn't always mean mixing of patterns and textures. This bathroom is super pared down, but each piece within it speaks volumes.
We have a ton of minis in stock like the one above, but here are a few we think would have the same effect:


The Area Rug

Design: Stef Turner
For more spacious bathrooms, you can get away with putting a medium-sized area rug right in front of the sink, or even as a bathmat (just be sure to put a mat underneath so it doesn't slip when you're getting out of the shower).
Here are some rugs similar that'll give you a similar vibe to the bathroom pictured above.
Follow this link to browse more medium-sized area rugs for your bathroom.

The Vintage Runner

Design: Heena Gardner
As you can see here, a rug can add so much character to a small space. We love Heena's pattern play here, too. Who says you can't put a rug over a checkerboard floor? The rug in this bathroom design is quite short for a runner, but we rounded up a couple that we think would look great in a room like this. (If these are too long, consider opting for a longer mini like this one or this one.)

The Moody Mini

Design: Studio Day
Here's another fabulous bathroom with a mini vintage rug. It's such a delicate addition but it adds the most charm. Plus, these minis are so easy to clean, you'd be surprised! You can just vacuum both sides, soak it in the bathtub, and let it hang dry. (More on that here.)
Here are some moodier minis like the one in the Studio Day bathroom:
If you are working on a bathroom or powder room, we encourage you to consider placing a vintage rug in it! These rugs at warmth and character, and will last longer than a new, machine-made rug will.
Because we love them so much, here are two more great bathroom stylings with vintage rugs:
Photo: Canary Grey
As always, if you have questions or need help finding a rug, we are here to answer questions!

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