Design Inspo + Rug Picks: deVOL Kitchens

Design Inspo + Rug Picks: deVOL Kitchens

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Photo: via deVOL Kitchens

We are seeing such a shift in trends lately, with bolder, more daring pattern and color choices, and a beautiful mixing of textures.

Our favorite kitchen designers of all time, deVOL Kitchens, nails mixing and matching here with this fun Turkish runner, which adds warmth and depth to the white floors, cabinets, walls, and ceilings.

Do you see how beautifully the rug complements the other bold colors found on the decorative pillow, vase, and embellished lamp shade? And then you mix in the copper pots and all of these colors come together to paint this beautiful scene.

We pulled together some of our favorite (all of which are still available and under $1,000!) unique rug options if you want to spruce up your space and pull off a vibe like deVOL Kitchens does here.

Rug: Turkish Oushak c. 1960s | $825

This runner is a perfect dupe of the one above! It's got a mix of watermelon and peach, gray and dusty blue, and the tiniest hints of gold and olive.

Rugs with these colors are flying off our shelves right now. There are lots green tones (olive, chartreuse, and army green) with burgundy-brown, a little rust, and a bright, cheery periwinkle in the mix. She's so pretty. 

Rug: Turkish Anatolian c. 1970 | $750

Rug: Persian Bidjar c. 1950 | $995

The shades of cherry red, emerald, and orange absolutely pop in person. Follow this link for a video of the rug.

Rug: Turkish Anatolian c. 1970 | $575

It blows our minds that this charming rug is still in stock! She has the most glorious mix of colors: an olive khaki field with flourishes in sage, red, pink, charcoal, gray, and lavender, all pulled together with a rusty red border.

Rug: Turkish Anatolian c. 1970 | $725

Here's another stunning runner! We love how the cool navy blue contrasts with the warm ivory, camel, taupe, and beige accents. It would look so lovely in a kitchen. And if you're hesitant to put a handmade vintage rug in a high-traffic area like a kitchen, read this. A vintage rug is the best kind of rug to put in a high-traffic space!

When looking for a rug, don't be afraid to add something vibrant or super detailed, even if the room is already fully decorated. Keep deVOL Kitchens in your inspo pictures -- they know how to do it right!

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