Amber Interiors Inspo + Vintage Rug Pairings

Amber Interiors Inspo + Vintage Rug Pairings

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If you've followed us for any length of time, you know we are enamored with Amber Interiors. She (Amber Lewis) is the absolute queen of mixing modern and vintage. She sets the bar sky-scrapingly high and has us pining after her designs.

If Amber's feed has you drooling over the authentic vintage and antique rugs she uses in her show-stopping designs, but you don't quite have the funds to purchase one, we have some more affordable options you may love (and we think Amber and her team would love too)!

Here's an inspo post from Amber:

Amber's sprawling vintage rugs are always the perfect match for the spaces she designs. We pulled together a handful of our own handmade vintage rugs that evoke the same vibes but cost a little less:
This girl is a beast! She'd be stunning as the foundation for a living room like Amber's photo above. Her beautiful blue is accented by faint olive/brown designs, which are hard to see in the photos but are stunning in person. If you're going for that Light and Dwell or Amber Interiors look, this is a great option.

Details: Designers B-696 | 15'2 x 10'7 | Persian Tabriz, c. 1940

This Mahal is about 120 years old and one of the most amazing rugs we have ever laid eyes on. The center is a dark charcoal and the border has an ombre vibe of brick red, strawberry red, and rust. You'll also find some rusty orange, gray, sage, and olive tones in this beauty.

She has a very well done repair, which you can see in the photos, and is priced accordingly.

Details: Designers 670 | 14'1 x 9'10 | Persian Mahal, c. 1900

The colors and natural distress in this rug give off the same vibe as the Amber Interiors rug pictured above. The field is navy, the border is ombre brick, burgundy, cranberry, and terracotta, and there is brown, beige, taupe, olive, and even a dash of pink throughout. She's so lovely and unique!

Details: Designers G-675 | 13'6 x 10' | Persian Mahal, c. 1910

The ornamental details of this girl are unreal! Her field is a bluish gray and she's got accents of beige, terracotta, rust, and taupe. Can you even imagine how she'd look under a modern coffee table and leather couches, or in a bedroom?!

Details: Designers B-724 | 12'2 x 8'10 | Persian Mahal, c. 1920


The details on this rug are just about as good as it gets! Her field is a mix of navy and slate blue and the details run camel, beige, black, dusty gray-blue, and some tiny spots of the beige lean a hair pink / mauve.

Details: Designers C-738 | 12'6 x 9'3 | Persian Tabris, c. 1940

This gal is a dreamy light chocolate brown with hints of denim blue, dark brown, and taupe. We love when a rug looks like it has a subtle pattern from far away, but when you view it close up you get a view of the intricate designs. 

Details: Designers 789 | 13'4 x 9'7 | Persian Sereben, c. 1940

We can't play favorites because we see so many rugs, but this one is truly one of our favorites. Her field is a gray/green/blue tone and her border is mauve with a heavy lean toward brown, olive, and gray.

Details: Designers H-633 | 9'5 x 7'4 | Persian Bidjar, c. 1930

The deep colors in this rug would be so fun to create a design around. You could play up the rust, or you could take the blue/gray route to accentuate the undertones. There's also some creamy camel. Such a gorgeous collection of colors!

Details: Designers V-684 | 9'3 x 6'8 | Persian Mahal, c. 1950 

We had to throw in a runner because Amber can do no wrong when it comes to her rug pairings, and that includes runners! (See here and here and here.)

This runner is super regal and we could see it in a hallway, a kitchen, or even an upstairs landing like this one.

Details: Designers R-787 | 16'2 x 3'2 | Kirdish, c. 1930

As you can see, we are big fans of Amber Lewis and her team at Amber Interiors. They have such a brilliant eye for design and we are inspired by them daily! We hope you love these rug pairings as much as we loved picking them out. 

As always, if you have any questions, we're here for you! Find us on Instagram to message us. And remember, we offer payment plans to make our rugs even more obtainable.

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