"Make Me An Offer Sale" Rules

1. Email or instagram message me the rug of interest with your offer, I will either take the offer, or counter offer. Once the offer has been settled, I will put the rug on private, change the price, and you will have 1 hour to purchase. After 1 hour, I may go on to the next bidder. Please be serious about your offer. If I receive an offer I expect you to purchase if I accept. :)

2. Please note that it may take me a few hours to respond to your message/bid. Sometimes there are rugs with multiple offers.

3. Please be kind and make offers within reason. No low balls. Ideally no more than 20% off, as I keep my rug prices fairly low with mark up in the first place.

4. I reserve the right to say 'no, or not respond to a low offer with a counter offer, and I reserve the right to go with the person with the highest bid. Order of interest does not matter. All sales final for this sale. Offer does not include sales tax which is calculated based upon where you live.

5. Offer is not valid for any rugs already purchased.

Feel free to email or message me with any questions!